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  • One Month Later, WannaCry Ransomware Is Still Shutting Down Factories June 21, 2017
    On Monday, Honda was forced to temporarily shut down its car plant in Sayama, Japan, after some of its computer systems were infected with the infamous WannaCry ransomware. […]
  • 95% of Windows 10 PCs Have a Modern Antivirus Installed June 21, 2017
    Microsoft has responded to a complaint filed by Kaspersky Labs, which accused the OS maker of using its dominant market position to push its antivirus — Windows Defender — on Windows 10 users, on the detriment of third-party AVs. […]
  • Mozilla Launches Firefox Focus for Android, a Browser with a Built-In Ad Blocker June 21, 2017
    Mozilla launched today Firefox Focus for Android, a brand new mobile browser for Android that comes with a stripped down minimal interface, a built-in ad blocker, and an always-on "private browsing" mode. […]
  • NSA Malware Used to Infect Windows PCs with Cryptocurrency Miner June 20, 2017
    Windows computers are being targeted with a new cryptocurrency miner that uses an NSA hacking tool to infect users' PCs. Detected under the generic name of Trojan.BtcMine.1259, this trojan was first spotted last week by Russian antivirus vendor Dr.Web. […]
  • Untitled June 20, 2017
    Britain's Internet regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has fined the city council of Gloucester with £100,000 ($125,000) after local authorities failed to apply a security update for almost three months. […]
  • TrickBot Activity Ramps up, Now Targeting CRMs and PayPal Users June 20, 2017
    Several security researchers have spotted an increase in malware campaigns distributing the TrickBot banking trojan, going after a host of targets ranging from regular e-banking applications to PayPal accounts and business CRMs. […]
  • McAfee Releases Free Tool That Removes Pinkslipbot Leftovers That Use Your PC as Proxy June 20, 2017
    Last week, McAfee released a tool named AmIPinkC2, a Windows command-line application that removes remnant files of Pinkslipbot infections that allow the malware to continue to use previously infected computers as proxy relays, even if the original malware's binary has been cleaned and removed from infected hosts. […]
  • South Korean Web Hosting Provider Pays $1 Million in Ransomware Demand June 20, 2017
    Nayana, a web hosting provider based in South Korea, announced it is in the process of paying a three-tier ransom demand of nearly $1 million worth of Bitcoin, following a ransomware infection that encrypted data on customer' servers. […]
  • Unprotected Database Exposes Details of 198 Million US Voters June 19, 2017
    An Amazon S3 bucket containing the personal details of over 198 million Americans was left exposed online with no protection, according to UpGuard, a cyber-security whose researchers came across the database last week. […]