Simply Unifying for Small and Medium Business

Your SMB communications solution in today’s competitive business environment should be simple, powerful and cost effective. iPECS-LIK meets the market environmental requirements by evolving as a UC platform and enriching a variety of solutions to cope with various IT services and business models.

Productivity enhancement with Unified Communications

Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS-LIK is the core platform of Unified Communications which enhances business productivity with various collaboration tools. iPECS-LIK as a platform together with iPECS UCS as an application simplifies your business communications and improves productivity by linking voice and other communications aware applications under a single intuitive user interface.

Lower TCO and communication expenses

iPECS-LIK, the best communication for SMB, helps you to save money and lower cost. It employs a fully distributed modular architecture and has single voice/data infrastructure which significantly reduce the costs of managing your communication solution. The modular type gateways, terminals and soft clients can be put anywhere there is access to the network. Powerful redundancy capabilities assure operation if the failure occurs with back-up power and Call Server modules. Multi-party audio and video conference through the system eliminates the need for expensive, third party conferencing services.

Easy to use and manage

With simply straight-forward configuration and plug and play installation, IT Manager appreciates the ability to locate iPECS solutions where they are needed without any difficulties. Managers can monitor and manage up to 500 Call Servers from a single remote point and have full access to the database and maintenance features of each system from anywhere. Thanks to the modular hardware and software structure, you can simply add another module to increase the capacity or coverage of service no matter how your business is growing.


Built-in ACD, Hot desking, Individual call routing, Incoming caller ID based call routing and 300+ features

System networking up to 250 servers and gateways

Scalability: Up to 1,200 ports per system and 300,000 with networking

Modular type gateway : PRI, Analog CO, IP trunk, SLT, DKT, DECT

Built-in resilience: Active/Standby System redundancy and local survivability

Supports a wide range of Ericsson-LG Enterprise communication and collaboration applications and phones

Centralized management with built-in system web admin

Multi party voice conference up to 32 parties with MCIM

Automatic call recording

Built-in Voice mail in some models and additional service with VMIM

Multi language Auto Attendant, Email notification of VM and more

Personal call routing: Re-routing to other destination, Queue for answer

Mobile extension with mobile phone linked as a system extension with no licensing cost

One office number service for mobile workers

Various standard telephony and networked protocols and API

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): SIP trunk interface interoperable with major soft switches, SIP extension and other devices

Embedded hotel features such as check-in/out, wake up, room status, emergency call, mini-bar, pre-paid call and etc.

Various PMS support with Ericsson-LG Enterprise PMS in iPECS® Attendant Hotel version, Micros Fidelio PMS certified interface and optional 3rd party PMS

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All system designed, Implemented and configured by GSA (Green Lane Solutions Australia)